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Mid America Compost Co. is located in St. Louis (South County), MO 63125
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William Barber

Just finished watching your you tube video on the Worm Factory 360 and had a question regarding the “tea” you collect when you pour water through it. One You Tube user talks about how good a fertilizer it makes when diluted and fed to your plants…. another talks about how toxic it is and not to use it unless your percolate air thru it for 24 hours…. what’s your assessment on the suitability of using it straight from the drain valve, but diluted….?

Joshua Vinson

The liquid that comes out of the base of a WF360 is NOT worm tea. It is Leachete and it is toxic to plants. Worm tea on the other hand, is great for plants. This is made by steeping worm castings in water and aerating the water to get the microbes oxygen for a period of time and then adding the liquid to the plants.

Eleanore Stevens


I wanted to reach out and see if local pickup was still an option for 1000 Red Wigglers. I am local in St. Louis, but I know with Covid-19 you may prefer to ship them instead of local pickup.

I am fine with shipping if thats what you would prefer. If pickup is available what is the best way to go about doing so?

Thank you!

Joshua Vinson

Thank you for your business. I hope your worms are doing great!


What is the PH of your compost?

Susan Notorangelo

I want to purchase red wigglers for my garden. do you ship them? and how can I order the cute hat?

Joshua Vinson

I do ship them but I can save you the heartache and tell you that these worms will not survive outside in a garden.
The red worm/red wiggler is top feeder and you’ll loose a lot of them to birds, weather, varmints, etc. Some might survive but it’s not a very efficient method. Now if you had a compost bin, thats a different story as it offers some protection and plenty food.

As far a hat goes I’ll see what I can round up. 🙂

Joshua Vinson

around 6.4-7.0

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