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1000 Red Wigglers

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Red Wigglers or Eisenia Fetida are the most popular composting worm in the U.S. These worms are also called brandling worms, red worms or tiger worms. refer to them as “The Cadillac of Worms.” These guys are the best worms for making compost and reducing your kitchen waste. Handsdown, they can eat their body weight everyday in ideal conditions. Yes, Red Wigglers- the Cadillac of Worms.


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The worms you will receive are 1-3 inches in size and will are ready to be placed into your compost bin. These worms are ready to go to work for you. There will be a mixture in the size of worm you receive. The worms are separated, weighed out to 1+ lb (appox 1000), then placed in dry bedding to protect them during shipment. They are packed then sent to your doorstep.  FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING!! Call or Order Online.


Once you receive your worms, they could be a little dehydrated. Add some water to the herd about ½ cup to start. They will generally be bunched up into a ball. Do not try to separate them; just work them out of the bag and into your prepared bin gently. Have some food ready for them too. They will begin to untangle from their ball as they adjust to their new home. After this, you will continue to monitor the bin and feed and water as necessary. These worms do best in temperatures from 60 degrees F to 80 degrees F.

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Here are our world class manure makers, Red Wigglers.

Here are our world class manure makers, Red Wigglers.


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