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Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer:

This outline is meant as a general answer guide to some of the questions encountered about Worm Castings while selling and marketing our products locally and nationally. Mid America Compost Co is an advocate of sustainability and recycling practices and we are happy to answer any questions that are not already addressed here. Just give us call or send us an email, or use the Contact Us.


NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE OUR WORM CASTINGS? Or have a specific variety of plant? CLICK THIS LINK for Directional Usage.


Are Worm Castings good for my Tomato plants?

Absolutely! Worm Castings are great for tomato plants. Thanks to our customer in NC here is a photo of his results.

Tomato Plants

This customer in NC achieved excellent results with his tomato plants after using our Worm Castings.

Why Mid America Compost Co. Worm Castings as opposed to “store bought” fertilizer?

Three main reasons for this: First, Worm Castings are proven by science to be just as good if not better for plants than store bought fertilizers. Studies from scientist at the EPA and USDA support the positive effects of using Worm Casting as an Organic Fertilizer over “store bought” fertilizers. Second, Using Worm Castings supports U.S. Recycling and reduces our solid waste impact as a country. There is really no use fighting for the protection of our soil (the USA) if we continue to pollute it.  Governments, Local Business, Churches, and Universities across the country seldom agree on any ONE thing. But on this, the idea of reducing our waste as a country and damaging our soil; is the ONE idea that is grossly supported by all. Lastly, Cost. Since Worm Castings from MidAmerica Compost Co. can offer potted plant nutrition for up to 6 months while also providing water retention, Gardeners and Farmers can save bundles of money by NOT purchasing traditional fertilizers that will dissolve after the first watering. Check it out for yourself with our Lab Results below.

Staggering numbers from the lab

Staggering numbers from the lab

Guaranteed Analysis from the University of Missouri.

Guaranteed Analysis from the University of Missouri.














What makes MidAmerica Compost Co. Worm Castings different or better than other Companies?

Our approach to the production of Worm Castings is very much like that of any commercial production except for ONE main difference: Feedstock. Most Commercial producers of Worm Castings generally all use one, or possibly two, types of feedstock. This is usually whatever they can get the cheapest and the most readily. MidAmerica Compost Company’s feedstock is a balance of Nitrogen rich materials and Carbons. We start our natural feedstock (leaves, old garden plants, spoil veggies) in “vessel” composters. Then, after the compost has broken down and the appropriate temperature and pH balance has been achieved, we move this feedstock to the worms. The compost from the vessel composter is mixed again with the new food scraps from local coffee shops and sandwich shops and the worms are allowed to feed. This approach offers the worms an optimum diet and habitat which in turn yields a finer, more balanced, and healthier load of Worm Castings.

Can I use MidAmerica Compost Co.’s Worm Castings on indoor plants? Is there any odor?

You can certainly use our Worm Castings with indoor plants. Our Worm Castings are odor free, pet friendly, and safe for children.  Our Worm Castings will not burn your plants either. The great thing about using an all natural fertilizer is the ability use it anytime and in any way. You can add your Worm Castings to the base of your plant, you can put them in the root zone (recommended) with your potting mix, and you can do this any time of the year!

Our Worm Castings are great for indoor plants.

Our Worm Castings are great for indoor plants.

Make your Air Quality Plants in your home happy!

Make your Air Quality Plants in your home happy!





Can I use MidAmerica Compost Co.’s Worm Castings for growing Cannabis?

Absolutely. Our Worm Castings are excellent for Cannabis growth because our pH levels consistently between 6.5-7 and our Worm Castings offer good drainage for the plant. We pride ourselves in the support of Cannabis Growers in the approved states across the Nation. Cannabis growers can attest to the great benefits of Worm Castings. Here a cool link to more information.

You just received your order of Worm Castings and you are not ready to use them yet.

You received your order of Worm Casting and you want to use them at a later date. No problem- Just store our Worm Casting in a place out of the light and at room temperature. Light will spark the billions of organisms living in your Worm Castings to life and you do not want this yet. Our bag system and packaging is designed to provide the longest possible shelf life and still offer great benefits at the time of use. This will ensure that the microbial life in the Worm Castings stays alive until you are ready to use them.

How will my shipment of Worm Casting arrive and how long will it take?

We work and fill orders every day. Once your PayPal payment has been processed, orders typically ship out within 1-2 business days. Most orders will be mailed USPS in a Flat-Rate Priority Shipping envelop. This ensures our customers that their Worm Castings spend the minimal amount of time in the US Postal system.  We try to use only biodegradable products with our shipments and handling.



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